Commercial Electrical Service Plans

What’s Important to Your Business’ Success?

There are very few things that are as critical to the success of your business as electricity. What happens when the power goes out? Can you even open for business? What if only one element or circuit of your electrical system malfunctions?

What could you do without?

Your signage, exterior and parking lights are important to get your customers in the door. Interior lighting showcases your work, helps you sell merchandise, perform services or create goods. In restaurants refrigeration, freezing, and cooking food, venting, drink systems, and even doing dishes are all absolutely necessary.

Nearly every business uses computers and the internet. Cash registers and credit card systems tie into this as well as low voltage systems such as phones, intercom, audio, video, even security and surveillance, and arguably the most mission-critical aspect of doing business in The Sunshine State is climate control systems.

AEC is qualified and experienced in every aspect of the commercial electrical industry from installation and renovation to service.

With AEC all your electrical needs will be covered.


Commercial Electrical Service Agreements

Electrical issues can create unforeseen expenses that most businesses do not include in their budget. However, when these issues present themselves, it’s rarely something that can wait. That’s why AEC provides these services through a convenient monthly plan to help reduce costs.

Each of our Service Plans begins with an initial inspection to identify and remedy any issues that are or may become a problem in the future.

Service Agreements provide the service you need, right when you need it.

When you do need our services, there is no mobilization charge and the first hour of time is covered.

You will also receive discounts to help offset any additional costs. Many clients refer to it as having an electrician on staff as they no longer need to hesitate in calling AEC for service calls, installations, consulting or even seasonal projects they might normally postpone.

Just pick up the phone and we’ll take care of everything. Most service calls will be completely covered with no additional costs to consider. That’s peace of mind you can actually put a price on.

Picking The Plan That’s Right For You

AEC provides service plans for businesses of every size, allowing you to pick the one that is right for you and your location.

The Silver Plan is perfect for small to medium retail storefronts and offices, or small workshops, warehouses and production facilities that need to make sure they’re covered no matter what.

The Gold Plan is tailored for smaller restaurants, medium to large retail locations, places of worship, large offices and even light manufacturing.

The Platinum Plan is designed for larger facilities, manufacturing, shipping, workshops, multiuse locations, large restaurants, car dealers, and any other major location where electrical service is critical to their business.

No matter what your needs, AEC has you covered, day or night.

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