Residential Electrical Service Plans

Just how reliable is the electrical system in your home?

Electrical malfunctions can occur in homes of any age. Errors in design and installation or simply the aging of systems can create problems from flickering lights to grounding issues or even electrical fires. Most home inspections are not in-depth enough to uncover such issues.

How can you be sure?

How can you be sure that your lighting, inside and out is setup correctly? That your surge and lightning protection is sufficient? That you have proper grounding protection on outlets where it’s required? That your pool equipment and lighting is properly grounded to prevent shock? That your air conditioning system will continue to work properly. Or that your smoke detectors or home security are functioning correctly?

It’s easy to get the peace of mind you need with a home inspection from AEC. Our highly trained technicians will throughly go through your home and review our point-by-point inspection with you. AEC is qualified and experienced in every aspect of residential electrical from installation to renovation and service.

With AEC all your electrical needs will be covered.

Electrical issues can create unforeseen expenses that most homeowners do not include in their budget. However, when these issues present themselves, it’s rarely something that can wait.

That’s why AEC provides these services through a convenient monthly plan to help reduce costs.

Each of our Service Plans begins with an initial inspection to identify existing issues or ones that may become a problem in the future.

Service Agreements provide the service you need, right when you need it.

When you do need our services, there is no mobilization charge and the first hour of time is covered. You will also receive discounts to help offset any additional costs.

Many clients refer to it as having an electrician on call as they no longer need to hesitate in calling AEC for service calls, installations, consulting or even seasonal projects they might normally postpone.

Just pick up the phone and we’ll take care of everything. Most service calls will be completely covered with no additional costs to consider. That’s peace of mind you can actually put a price on.

Picking The Plan That’s Right For You

AEC provides service plans for residences of every size, allowing you to pick the one that is right for you and your home.

The Silver Plan is perfect for small homes, and condos that need to make sure they’re covered no matter what happens throughout the year.

The Gold Plan is tailored for large condos, medium sized homes and those with additional systems such as pools or outdoor lighting.

The Platinum Plan is designed for larger homes, estates and multi-family units including those with additional specialty systems such as lighting control, audio/visual, camera or security systems, home automation, as well as backup and alternative power systems.

No matter what your needs, AEC has you covered, day or night.

Residential Electrical Service Plans Pricing

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